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Proud owner of the Platform African Biggest Scouting event Platform to discover grassroots talents and connect them to their dreams.

Who We Are

We are committed to  recruiting local talents develop and provide a long-life solution to how lots of talents die without beeen Noticed in Africa. We are specially here to provide a link between African Players, Agents, Scouts, Coaches and Clubs.
With our Yearly scouting programs all over the continent, we have designed a platform that will solve the problems of Millions of ambitious soccer talents in Africa. Our Goal is to discover talents, develop and connect them to their dreams of playing football in Europe, Asia, North America, and all the best teams in the world.

In Addition, we will not only connect them; but manage their career and make sure they invest wisely for a Better Future. 
To achieve all this, we have professional that handle all department ranging from ,Talents Discovery, Talent Development session, Connected and Highly influential Agent and top Professionals in Career Management.

We also Specialized on Sports Events, Professional Players and Coaches Management, Soccer Tournament, Schools and international Summer Camps, Pre-season Tours for Professional teams and Pre- Tournament Camping for National Teams.

Management Team


Dr. Jomo Ephraim


Muhammed Mustapha (Moo)

General Secretary

Adaeze Ikechukwu

Continental Ambassador (Yet to be Concluded)

Kanu Nwankwo (Mon)

Board of Directors

Buddah Jacob
Mrs Evelyn Joy Odeh
Ayomide Muhammed
Fabian Ansley McCarthy
Kadiri Ikhana MON

Legal Adviser

Barr. Chekwuemeka Ugo O.

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